Sandia Mountains

Sandia Mountains
Sandia Mountains by Miriam Hall

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Love is Fur-ever!

Dogs come in and out of our lives but are fur-ever in our hearts. Below are some photos of Rosie, Maddie and Bruno who have recently passed on. We will miss seeing them on our daily walks. They are in our prayers and thoughts.

Fritz and Rosie



Below are photos taken in January and February of dogs walking on the ditch and the open space with their human companions. Valentine's Day is a reminder of the unconditional love our dogs show us. Happy Valentine's Day to our furry best friends.

Leigh and Gabe with their dog Bopper

Berry with his dog Sully

Julio with his dog Frodo

Alison with her dog Emmy Lou


Kathleen with her dogs Abbie and Champ

Maria with her dog Sola


Cathy with her dog Kit




Thursday, December 12, 2013

Santa Paws and A Letter to Honey

Dear Honey,

When Lyn brought you to us from the prison program in Grants we were very surprised. We didn't know if our Standard Poodle, Luke, would accept you as he was very dog aggressive. However, although he harassed you when you arrived, you did tolerate him and even mourned when he died recently. As time went on you became an increasingly important part of our family due to your sweet nature and tolerant personality. You and I have done a lot of training together, but our most important work is as a pet therapy team. In fact, you now shape each day of my life as we visit those facilities and people in need of the kind of comfort only you know how to give.

With much love, 



Cold Noses and Warm Hearts: Dogs of November and DecemberTT

Twila with her dogs Rocket and Patsy




Connie and Judith with their dogs Flint and Tock getting to
know Twila and her dogs Rocket and Patsy

Beth with her dog Simon


Julie with her dog Cowboy


Sheryl with her dogs Poppy and Wiley

Kizzy and Lulu


Sandy pet sitting Rosie

Kay with her dog Shadow


Twila with her husband and her dogs Patsy and Rocket


Gill and Fran with their dog Benji

Monday, November 4, 2013

21st Annual Dia de los Muertos Marigold Parade in the South Valley

Yesterday I attended the Marigold Parade in the South Valley. It was a beautiful day with great fall colors and clouds in the sky. This was my first time attending the parade. I had a fabulous time. It seemed like everyone was dressed up in costume. Everyone was friendly and happy to be there. It was the best parade I ever attended. I stayed for one hour, but someone told me the parade lasted for four hours. I'm looking forward to next years parade and I intend on getting there early.